OnRobot End-of-Arm Tooling

OnRobot delivers a full line of plug-and-produce tools for robot applications, including: electric grippers, force/torque sensors, a vacuum gripper, the award-winning Gecko Gripper and tool changers. This new combination of offerings from OnRobot makes it quicker and simpler to automate tasks such as packaging, quality control, materials handling, machine tending, palletizing, assembly and surface finishing.

Quick Changers

All OnRobot products are compatible with the single or dual quick changers.

Quickly switch between tools to meet changing production needs.

With the Dual Quick changer you now use two tools in one cycle, achieving higher utilisation of your robots.

Quick Changer
Vacuum Gripper

Vacuum Grippers

Electrical generated Vacuum grippers that only use one cable to your robot’s tooling.

No external air supply required speeds deployment and reduces maintenance costs.

Payload up to 15 kg.

Electrical Grippers

The OnRobot Electrical Grippers are ideal for machine tending applications.

This flexible grippers can be used for a wide range of part sizes and shapes.

Stroke of the fingers and tightening torque flexibly regulated.

Payload up to 15 kg.

Electrical Gripper
Gecko Gripper

Gecko Grippers

Precise, no-mark gripper technology increases productivity in pick-and-place applications.

Innovative Gecko technology enables gripping of flat, porous objects such as PCBs to extend automation capabilities.

Payload up to 6.5 kg.

Force Sensor

Flexible Sensor extends automation possibilities to processes that were not previously possible.

High-accuracy sensor technology provides 95% better quality in insertion and assembly tasks.

Easy programming gets even complex polishing tasks up and running in less than a day.

Force Sensor

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