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As an entrepreneur, you are busy working on the future every day. IRSA can serve a meaning for you with the deployment of an industrial robot. We are a company with a big approach where our most versatile and experienced staff, who originate from the world of robotics, are employed to operate on any question whatsoever as quick as possible to make it a reality. IRSA focuses on these both nationally and internationally:

New Robots, Used Robots, Spare Parts, and Robotic Services such as: Advice, programming, service & maintenance and training. The industrial robot can be used universally, which lowers the threshold for many, making the robot even within reach for smaller industries. That is why IRSA has already invested in the technology of tomorrow with a well-balanced program in the field of robotics and with plenty of room for individual wishes.

At IRSA We think together with you and give you professional help with making the right decisions, for now and in the future.

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