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Robot service is an important aspect to take into account when working with an industrial robot. Just like any other object it highly benefits from service. In general terms it is always better to prevent instead of solve a problem. Let’s be honest, what good does having an industrial robot, when it malfunctions during production time.

What do you have to do when your robot gives you an alarm? How do you reserve the resources to purchase that robot that will move you forward?
We believe that the only correct answer is robot services!
IRSA provides all core robot services from which your company benefits most. From robot maintenance suitable robot training for your personnel, as well as important robot parts. On top of that, we provide robot lease to realize your efficient future!

“Our robot services consist of Robot parts, Robot maintenance, Robot training and Robot lease!”

Robot Lease

Investing in industrial robots is a solid choice. With Robot lease, we make it possible to automate for every type of business. Robot lease makes it possible to implement a robot, without having to pay the whole amount at once. In this way you can let an industrial robot earn its own money like any regular employee.

Robot Lease
Robot Maintenance

Robot Maintenance

Well conducted robot maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure its added value to your business. IRSA provides scheduled periodic maintenance as well as troubleshooting service in case of any malfunctions. By conducting a robot maintenance, it is less likely for an industrial robot to break down at the worst time. IRSA provides single as well as the recommended periodic robot maintenance. Furthermore, our troubleshooting service team responds adequate to the malfunction occurred. We will have your robot running in no time!

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Robot Training

When implementing a robot, your personnel benefits from robot training. With the right robot training, employees are able to respond directly in case of a small malfunction. Mostly even without contacting one of our experts! As a result your company benefits from shorter down times and thus less losses in revenue.

Robot Training
robot parts

Robot Parts

With a large supply of robot parts, we provide a life-long service. The most important robot parts to keep an industrial robot running are in stock at our warehouse. All robot parts are fully tested on the functionality and in excellent condition. For this reason we assure fast delivery times! Besides that, they are delivered with warranty!

From electronic Main CPU cards to Mechanical wrists, you can find them in our webstore!

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