Why Industrial Robots?

Employees in the production process often conduct heavy and ergonomically irresponsible work. For example, loading machines and lifting heavy objects. In addition, repetitive tasks within companies can be boring, making it difficult to keep the concentration. This could cause huge problems for your company, especially when working with extreme precision is required.

Industrial robots have initially been implemented within companies to conduct operations repeatedly and up to the tenth of a millimeter precise. In addition, industrial robots can lift products up to 2300 kg! Because the efficiency increases with the use of industrial robots, less waste will occur. This results in lower costs and therefore higher profits.

“We provide refurbished robots as well as new robots that will automate your future.”

Refurbished Robots

At the moment we refurbish a robot, it will look like a new robot. Moreover, our refurbished robots are provided with a maintenance service, so that they also deliver the desired performance. This allows us to supply the robots with IRSA warranty.

A large stock of refurbished robots is ready to realize your automated future. Therefore, these robots can be delivered worldwide at very short notice. Because of the cooperation with FANUC, our collection generally consists of FANUC robots. Next to that we offer other brands like KUKA.

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Refurbished robots

FANUC R-2000 Series

The most versatile robot world-wide


FANUC M-710 Series

High-Speed all-rounder


FANUC M-900 Series

High Payload, Long Reach

New Robots

New Robots

IRSA is a suitable partner not only for refurbished robots but also for new robots. We have a long-term cooperation with manufacturers such as FANUC and KUKA. With new robots you can automate your company with the latest technological trends. In case it is desired but does not fit within the current budget there is a possibility to lease new robots.

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Used Robots / Second-hand Robots

The terms “used robots” or “second-hand robots” imply that they have been used for different applications in the past. For many other products it is extremely popular to purchase used variants for many years, because they are still highly functional. To make the picture complete, the robots are refurbished by us. As a result, those “used robots” or “second-hand robots” look like new again.

Used Robots

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