FANUC M-900 Series

The M-900 series models that are usually available in our collection have a payload between 260 and 700 kg. In addition to these extremely interesting payloads, they have a large working range, just like the R-2000 series. This makes the M-900 series a suitable robot for working with very heavy products.

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FANUC M-900 series

FANUC M-900 robots for sale

M-900iA 400L

FANUC M-900iA 400L

SOLD | 400kg | 3625mm | R-30iA

FANUC M-900iA 350

FANUC M-900iA 350

4pcs | 350kg | 2650mm | R-30iA


FANUC M-900iA 260L

5pcs | 260kg | 3100mm | R-30iA

FANUC M-900iA 600

FANUC M-900iA 600

SOLD | 600kg | 2832mm | R-30iA

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