An Automated Future

Automation is the cooperation with, or replacement of people by machines. Important drivers for automation are economically but also socially responsible. Robots can take over tedious but also very dangerous work from people. Because robots work very precisely, the efficiency in the process increases significantly. This results in less waste, resulting in lower costs and thus more profits.

IRSA offers automation with industrial robots. Robots are initially implemented within companies to perform tasks accurately. The accuracy up to the tenth of a millimeter precise. This is why an industrial robot perfectly complies to the term automation. Industrial robots can be used for many different applications. If the entire process is properly programmed and engineered it results in an end product of higher quality.

"We strive for maximum efficiency in your business process"

Robot Applications

An industrial robot can be used for many different applications. In general, robot applications can be classified under handling robots, welding robots and other executive applications. Because many more robot applications are possible, an industrial robot is of great added value for your company. Our team of experienced and dedicated robot programmers are ready to realize your automated future.

Robot Programming


The engineering of an automated process ensures that all variables are well in place. Especially when maximum efficiency and precision are desired. Moreover, engineering is the construction of all tools to improve the efficiency of a robot. For example robot grippers or a track on which a robot can move over rails. IRSA and partners work together to help your company move forward.

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